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Classes Overview

Firearms Instruction

I am a NRA Certified Instructor in the following disciplines: Refuse to be a Victim, Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, and Personal Protection Inside the Home. I have fused some of these classes together and developed my own curriculums based on what I felt people needed the most.



Introduction to Handguns

In this class, I use a NRA curriculum called “First Steps Pistol Orientation.” I chose to teach this class because it is simple and easy to follow so I can keep the classroom time to about three hours and still have plenty of time for questions. This is a great class for anyone who has never shot a gun before, fears guns, or needs a refresher before taking a license to carry (LTC) class.


Ladies-Only Holster Class

Getting your LTC soon and have no idea what kind of holster to buy? I have a wide range of holster types. This class is to make you aware of the options we have as women, to answer any questions, talk about your current clothing and lifestyle, and discuss pros and cons of different holster types. This class is ladies only to encourage questions related to our bodies and situations we may encounter. For this class, I reference a book called “The Cornered Cat.”


Handgun Cleaning

Proper maintenance of your handgun is critical. Especially if you carry because let’s face it, we sweat a lot under this Texas sun. Understanding the components of your gun, taking it apart, putting it back together, and being confident with your protection tool is almost as empowering as working on your marksmanship on the range. Personally, I think cleaning my gun is as therapeutic as drinking  wine.


High Caliber Ladies

Training doesn't end after one class. The use of a handgun for personal protection takes time to grow your skills. This monthly series of classes is designed to slowly assist in building your confidence with using a handgun. These classes will help you break down not just the how but the why behind training that will be conducted. There will be both classroom time and training on the range. 

Thank you so much, Heather! No more gripping fear of guns for me. You're an awesome teacher!
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