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Handgun Cleaning Class

This class is for the proper cleaning and care of your own personal handgun. This class is about 2 hours long. It does not take long to clean a gun, but the first-time learning takes some practice with taking apart and putting your gun back together. By the end of this class, you will be able to take your gun apart and put it back together with no hesitation, identify what a dirty gun looks like and the steps it takes to clean it, and maintain the outside of your gun to ensure no rusting on the body.

You do not need to have a gun cleaning kit to attend this class. I have some available for a discounted price. If you do have your own, I encourage you to bring it. I will provide any additional tools or supplies I am requesting you to use if your kit does not include them. 

This class is limited to eight attendees.

You have to know how to care for your gun, not just handle them

If needed, you may purchase a handgun cleaning kit from me for $20 during class. These handgun cleaning kits are a $45 value and includes (all Hoppes brand) a boresnake, Quick Fix solution, cleaning solution, lubricant oil, and a wipe down cloth for the outside of your gun.

Handgun Cleaning
Handgun Cleaning
Jul 14, 2024, 4:00 PM
San Angelo

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