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High Caliber Holster Runway Show

Personal Protection Seminar

Held at Shoreline Church, Fort Walton Beach, FL


April 2016

The High Caliber Personal Protection Seminar and Holster Runway Show was one of the highlights of my career as an instructor. We raised $4,500 for Building Homes for Heroes. The link above is from a blog from the Keynote Speaker of the event: Melissa Gilliland. She is a tactical precision rifle competition shooter and competes all over the United States! Because of her skills, she has many sponsors. One of her sponsers, Hoppes Gun Oil, donated gun cleaning kits to everyone who attended. We had three guns and a bunch of holsters donated to us for the show. It started with an introduction about Building Homes for Heroes, then a defense attorney from US Law Shield spoke about legal considerations when carrying. Afterwards, my friend and former Army Ranger instructor, Justin, introduced our friend Missy. During her introduction, we passed out Hoppes kits to everyone. It was a big day for her too! She got to speak on stage for the first time! Then after a short break, we had the holster runway show. There were 15 different holsters and five off the body holsters shown. It was so dang cool! Following the show, was a talk about the importance of family and safe gun storage then the Sheriffs Department gave a presentation on having a home defense plan. It was a perfect day.

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